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Health and Wellness Coaching                                                        

Do you know what you "should" be eating, but find it hard to stay on track?

Do you find yourself falling into the same old 'bad" habits, then beat yourself

up for it? Have you ever longed for a more joyful life, but figure you can start

that big change when things calm down and you don't feel so stressed out?

Wellness Coaching is just the thing for you!​

Annie was trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to be a

Holistic Health Counselor, and has spent the last 10 years helping clients to

find the same compassionate relationship with food that she struggled for so

long to find herself.  Her individualized wellness coaching program will help

you to identify which nutritional strategies will best support your unique

body type and lifestyle. She will also help you to manage your work-life balance

and help you to cultivate the skills and habits you will need to live your

perfect life! 

Click HERE to set up your free initial consultation.

Wellness Concierge                                                                                                                                                                                

​So here you are in the beautiful Berkshires, ready to dive in and relax with yoga, mediation,

local food from the farmer's market...but where do you begin?  There's so much to chose from,

how do you know what classes and workshops are right for you?

Wellness Concierge is just the answer!


Discuss you specific needs with our wellness concierge and founder of Berkshire Yoga,

Annie Alquist.  Whether you just need some advice on where to start, or would like

to book an entire schedule of classes and services, Annie can help guide you in the right

direction. A long time resident of the Berkshires, Annie has extensive knowledge of the area

including the many yoga classes, personal growth workshops, and healing modalities

the Berkshires has to offer. 

Click HERE to contact Annie!

Private Yoga                                                                                   

Curious about yoga, but not quite ready for a big class?  Have an advanced

practice, and want to take it further?  Maybe you have an injury or other

physical limitation that needs special attention.  Want to set the tone for your

wedding day or other special event?

Private yoga may be just the thing for you!

​Annie works with individuals and small groups on a one-time-only or ongoing

basis.  She will customize a class or series of classes to suit your specific needs,

experience, and ability. 

Click HERE to find out more or to make an appointment.




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